4.1. Create a Mobile Learning Lesson Plan

Plan Successful implementation of mobile learning requires preparation and planning. A lesson plan helps us think about the various stages of our activity, prepare materials, and visualize how we will implement the activities. Our lesson plan should include ideas for brainstorming, storyboarding, the capturing/creation/gathering of content, edits, final submission, viewing, feedback, and assessment.

For this task, you will complete a lesson plan for a mobile learning storytelling activity that requires no Internet connection. Follow these instructions:

1st Download this mobile learning lesson plan template and complete all the sections.

2nd When you have completed your lesson plan, click below on the Add submission button and upload your plan. Then, click Save and View so that your contribution is recorded. Once registered, you can modify at any time by clicking on Edit my submission, until you send it for grading by clicking on Submit assignment

Here you can see an example.

Your instructor will verify that you have completed this task.