m5. Choose your own adventure

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The following is an epic mission, too hard to be carried out by one single ninja. Only well trained DST ninjas can face it. Therefore, we need Team 7!! We are going to create an interactive Choose Your Own Story video, working in the team you joined in the previous mission. 

It'll have a basic story line, have the user make some choices, and have a few different endings. Then you can modify it as you wish and show off your creative talents!

By using the spotlight annotation tool in the YouTube video editor you can insert into your videos a hyperlink to other videos or websites, thus creating a "choose your own adventure" story. See one of the videos that Greg Kulowiec's students created using the spotlight annotation tool. It is a great example of the use of storytelling to teach History, isn't it? And then a grammar teacher resource made with YouTube's annotation tool as well


In this final mission we propose you to collaborate with your fellow ninjas to create one of these adventures: 

1st Plan out the story. It must have at least two interactive points where to choose a path and three different endings, try to keep it simple. You can use the ninja forum to coordinate yourselves (only ninjas can enter it)

2nd Break up the story in small parts and produce short videos for every one of them

3rd Link the videos together using Youtube's annotation's feature. We assume you know how to upload videos, if not, check this help page.

Important: in the description of every short video you must include the link to the starting video

4th Send the link to the story's start video to your ninja examiner. 

This is going to be tough. But if we all pull together and hang in there, we’ll achieve something amazing in the end.

Grab your weapons: Annotation tool instructions

Here you can see an excellent example of a "Choose your own adventure story:

Your ninja academy mentor will verify that you participated in a team to create a Choose your own adventure story. This story must have at least two interactive points where to choose a path and three different endings.

Upon accomplishing this mission, you will become a Kage, the highest status within the DST Ninja Academy.