Remixing Content for Digital Stories

Remix Story creation tools and apps sometimes have libraries of content that are part of the public domain or are allowed to be reused and remixed. Remixing is a popular way students interact with their world. For example, a current trend is to take an animated gif (image) from a movie or tv show and add commentary. This is called reblogging and is part of the remix culture. 

You will experiment with remixing by creating a video or multimedia presentation that transforms content created by others into a story. You can choose the topic of the story.

To accomplish this task:

1st. Choose any of the following digital storytelling tools that have libraries of content to create your remix story. Here are a few suggestions, but feel free to use another tool that has a library of content.

  • Primary Access- take historical documents and create a movie or digital story

  • Buncee- Free web tool and app to create interactive poster presentations with audio, quotes, and more

  • Piktochart- Create infographics with a library of characters, charts, fonts, and more. You can embed video or save this as an image.

  • Biteslides- create a multimedia scrapbook or interactive poster

  • Youtube Editor- add music, special effects and more

  • GoAnimate- make an animated video

  • Photopeach- create a multimedia slideshow with popular music. Create quizzes

2nd. With this digital storytelling tool, create your remix story that uses either music, images, documents or other content that has been used to create a digital story.

When you finish your storyboard, click on the Add submission button below and submit your storyboard in either a text file or post the link, then click Save changes  so your contribution is recorded. Once registered, you can modify at any time by clicking on  Edit my submission, until you send it for grading by clicking on Submit Assignment.

This task is voluntary. However, this type of tasks help you explore the topic more and give you the opportunity to receive extra feedback from your instructor and peers and that is why we provide you with the Remixing Content for Digital Stories rubric.