4.2. Contribute to a Collaborative Chain Story

Chain A chain story is an easy way to have students learn vocabulary and work with their friends to create a collaborative story. In a chain story, the teacher begins the story, student A continues the story, student B continues where A stopped, and so on.  The students have to listen to each other and understand each other so that the story makes sense and flows.

For this activity, you will contribute to a collaborative web chain story. We will be using an online tool, Padlet. This tool allows you to click on the web wall and add text, images, videos, and more. You do not have to register, but please include your name. You can contribute on any mobile device with internet access or on the web.

Follow these instructions:

1st Visit the collaborative chain story for your group by clicking the link below. The story has already been started. DO NOT GIVE AWAY THIS PASSWORD:

Group A Your password is groupA

Group B Your password is groupB

If you want, you  can have a look to a real example of a collaborative story   by students from 4 CSE or an example by teachers on bullying.

2nd To contribute to the story:

  • Read the entire story up to the last post. NOTE:  Your contribution needs to make sense and continue the flow of the story as well as relate to the previous post.

  • Click on the board, a box will pop-up, please add your first and last name. If you feel uncomfortable with this, then add the first letter of your name and at least 4 of the initial letters of your last name.

  • Start typing your contribution. It should be at least 100 words long. Add an image or a link to a video or sound clip to accompany your part of the story. This added multimedia should be an element you wrote about in your story.

3rd When you are finished writing your story, make sure to save your part of the story as a pdf. To do this, click on the bar on the far right. Click on the Share/Export icon. Choose Export PDF. Turn this in.

Do not forget to tweet your group chain story using the course hashtag: #Storytelling_INTEF

When you finish your part of the story, click on the Add submission button below and submit the PDF of your story. Then click Save changes so your contribution is recorded. Once registered, you can modify at any time by clicking on Edit my submission, until you send it for grading by clicking on Submit Assignment.

The instructor will verify that you have completed this task and assess it using the corresponding rubric.