5.4. Your Final Project step by step: As-you-go ePortfolio


1st Before exiting this module, you must update your e-portfolio at Pinterest that displays:

  • a selection of your work
  • favourite tools for the module
  • favourite resources for the module
  • a reflection for the module

You will be expected to update your e-portfolio now, at the end of module 5, and at the end of each module till the course is completed. This means you will have one Pinterest board with various pins for each module. In the final module, you will present your e-portfolios to your peers.

Follow these instructions:
2nd Go to Pinterest and update your single personal board for your e-portfolio. 

  • Follow the Pinterest Course Boards: Digital Storytelling for Teachers INTEF if you have not done so yet.
  • Pin your favourite tool, resource and activity to your own board. Do not forget to describe your pins with your own reflections and tweet them too, if you like! Use the course hashtag, #storytelling_INTEF.

3rd Take into account the tips below when at Pinterest:

  • Choose the module you have just completed.
  • Pin your favourite tool: Include the URL of the tool you liked discovering the most during the module. Add the tool's name in the text box below and describe the tool’s features.
  • Pin your favorite Resource: Include the URL of the resource you liked discovering the most during the module. Add the resource's name in the text box and briefly describe the resource's contents.
  • Pin the activity URL: Include the url of at least 1 activity you completed in this module and want to showcase. Add the name of the task in the text box below and describe what you learned about the topic and how you will apply this to your teaching context. State your opinions about the ideas in the readings. Reflect on the activities you completed and how you will integrate these tasks with learners.

At the end of the course, you will present these reflections and your work in a multimedia presentation.

Click below on the Add submission button; write the URL of your Pinterest board. Then click Save and View so that your contribution is recorded. Once registered, you can modify at any time by clicking on Edit my submission, until you send it for grading by clicking on Submit assignment.

The instructor will verify that you have completed this task adequately.