4.3. Organize a Collaborative Digital Story

Chain For this activity, you will organize a collaborative story using digital tools. We would like you to do this with your students but if this is not possible, then you can do a public collaborative story and invite participants. You must have at least 5 additional people contribute to your story. Including you, this makes 6 authors. Please, do not save this to the last minute, because you need to give those individuals time to contribute to the story. Invite extra people to make sure at least 6 contribute or in case you need to delete entries that do not make sense. Ask for help on Twitter using the course hashtag, #storytelling_INTEF.

Follow these instructions:

1st Choose any of these tools to create your collaborative story:

  • Voicethread - Create a collaborative story by uploading images, documents, and videos that are turned into a multimedia slideshow where learners and others can navigate slides and comment in various ways.

  • Voxopop - Create collaborative audio stories or have discussions. Listen to this example chain story by Nik Peachey to give you ideas.  

  • Google Presentations - Have each person contribute a slide and include images, colored fonts, and more. Here is a template you could use.

  • Book Creator Lite for iPhone, iPad- Each student contributes a page to the story. Make sure you include their voices or drawings so that we know your students contributed to the story.

  • Padlet- Tell a story with sticky notes. Add video, images, and text. Choose the stream layout for your chain story. Each person will see the previous post and will be able to contribute. Students or your peers DO NOT need to create an account. However, they should include a name even if it is an alias. This app is free and available on the web or through any mobile device with Internet access. Here is a good tutorial on how to set-up a free account and begin the story.

  • If you want to use another tool, please get permission from your tutor. We have chosen these tools because they offer visual or audio stories. A text only story will not be acceptable.

2nd Create the beginning or framework of the story and have your students, peers, family members, or the public add to the story. Give good instructions because the story needs to make sense. It needs to have a clear beginning, middle, and end. At least 5 additional people need to contribute to the story. It should be obvious that 5 additional people contributed.

3rd With some of these tools, they will need to register for free accounts so please do not save this to the last minute. You should have someone end the story or end it yourself. You need to turn in a completed story, put together well. The tutor should not struggle to understand your story.

4th Do not forget to tweet your collaborative story or invite others to contribute on Twitter by using the course hashtag, #storytelling_INTEF.

5th. You should publish this story online. When your digital story is complete with at least 5 additional contributions from other people, please submit the link to your story. Make sure it is not set to private or the tutor will not be able to grade this. Make sure it is organized and easy enough for the tutor to navigate and read.

When you finish your story, click on the Add submission button below and submit the URL of your story. If this is not possible for any reason, then submit a PDF of the story or screenshots in a PowerPoint that is in order. Then click Save changes so your contribution is recorded. Once registered, you can modify at any time by clicking on Edit my submission, until you send it for grading by clicking on  Submit Assignment.

The instructor will verify that you have completed this task adequatedly and assess it using the corresponding rubric.