The DST Toolbox

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Welcome to the Toolbox! Please grab a tool/app and play!

Many people write about a "technology toolbox" or a "digital toolbox," but sometimes it's hard to understand what that means exactly and how to create your own. Building a digital toolbox is very similar to building a "real toolbox" with tools that you might use to build do-it-yourself projects. Think of your classroom as a new home that needs some home repair tasks. You might start with just a few well selected tools, a screwdriver, a hammer, an adjustable wrench and a tape measure. They will be enough at the beginning but after a while, when you master them for the basic repair tasks, you might start bigger projects at home so you will need more tools and a bigger toolbox. For example, an specialised screwdriver that best fits the task instead of one that you make work for everything.

And of course, as you get more tools you will need more skills. To acquire them you will have to rely on other people to get advice, and check out many information resources. 

This is our Toolbox, where you can grab free digital storytelling tools and apps as well as get inspired to take what you learn to your classroom. We sincerely hope you make your own one as you go! 

And, if you feel like trying out some tools out the activities of the course, do it! and then share it with your peers: post your stories in our class Digital Storytelling Glossary which we will fill with different examples of stories.