Course Overview


Before exiting this course, participants will aim to achieve the following objectives:

- create digital stories using different web tools,

- explore different ways in which digital storytelling can be integrated into teaching,

- connect with other educators,

- gain hands-on experience using digital/online/mobile tools to motivate learners to create and publish stories,

- develop materials, guidelines, and checklists to help learners craft and publish digital stories,

- learn about Creative Commons Licensing and sites to access music and images for digital stories,

- experience the process of creating and publishing digital stories which includes storyboarding,

- evaluate various publishing formats for digital storytelling including comics, videos, and interactive formats,

- discover how to motivate learners to improve their speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills through digital storytelling,

- collect a library of free websites, tools, and resources to use in classes,

- engage in discussions about the best ways to integrate technology effectively into the curriculum.