Course Overview


The course contents are structured in several modules. The course content modules will remain open from the beginning to the end of the course.

The contents to be seen in the course are:

  • Kick-off
    • The Sandbox
    • Tips and Resources
  • Module 1. Digital Literacy and Citizenship
  • Module 2. Sharing Stories Through Comics
  • Module 3. Video Storytelling
  • Module 4. Collaborative Storytelling
  • Module 5. Storytelling with Mobile Devices
  • Final Reflections

Each module is divided into three parts:

Support Forums, where to ask and answer questions about the specific subject dealt with in the current module.
Contents, where the reference material with the necessary explanations to carry out the activities of the module are included.
Activities of varied types. It is recommended to craft them between the dates suggested for doing so.