The Sandbox

3 Video Storytelling Tools

Click on this link to be led to the Symbaloo of free video creation tools. Click on any of the icons to be led to that tool. Scroll down this page to see written descriptions of some of the tools.  This resource is continuously updated. When you are finished with your creation, please add it to our Digital Storytelling Glossary.

  • Dvolver- Create a video writing your text and choosing your characters and scene.
  • BombayTV- Write subtitles for Bollywood films.
  • Jing- A tool to screen capture your screen. 
  • DomoAnimate- Make your own animations.
  • OneTrueMedia- Mix your photos and pictures with text and animations.
  • Blabberize- Make your pictures talk.
  • Screenr- Record your screen activity with audio.
  • Fotobabble- Create videos with audio and your voice. Free mobile app for iOS.
  • Skqueak- Create videos with audio and your voice. Draw on your pictures.  Free mobile app for iOS.