3.2. Video Editing Scenes

Edit scenesStudents have numerous options for creating movies and short video clips. Many free digital web tools, software, and apps allow students to edit movies and add special effects, filters, music, captions, credits, and more. The video editing process helps learners critically inspect their productions to determine what elements will work best to tell their stories.

For this task, you will create one scene from your movie trailer storyboard (3.1). You can choose any of the scenes to create a short clip that should be at least 30 seconds in length.

Follow these instructions to create your scene:

1st Choose one of these suggested video editors:

iOS free video apps: 

Android free video apps:

2nd When your scene is ready, introduce it to the group by starting a new discussion. Please submit your scene by following these instructions:

  • Click the button below labelled Add a new discussion topic.
  • In the Subject, include your scene’s title and your name. 
  • In the Message, include:
    • Scene Description - In a few sentences describe what is happening in your scene.
    • Scene #- Which frame is this in your storyboard? Please write like this: (Scene #/Total Scenes). Example, if your storyboard has 6 frames and you created a video of the 2nd frame, then you'd write it 2/6
    • Video Tool/App - Which tool or app did you use? 
    • Evaluation - What did you like about this tool? What problems did you face with this tool? What features do you think students will enjoy most?
    • Embed - You will need to publish your scene online so that you can embed it. Try Vimeo or Youtube. Embed the video by copying/pasting the embed code, which you get from the web tool/app you created the scene on. Then click on HTML in the text box and paste that code. Make sure to click Update so as the embed code is saved.
  • Click Post to Forum so that your contribution is recorded. Check to see that your submission is posted to the forum.

3rd Do not forget to tweet your scene. Use the course hashtag, #storytelling_INTEF

4th Have a look at your peers’ scenes and assess them using this rubric. Choose 2 of their scenes, click on Reply, and post your assessment to forum.

Here you can see an example:

The instructor will verify that you have submitted your own scene and assessed 2 of your peers’ contributions.


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