ePortfolio Reflection


Now you will be turning in the ePortfolio you have been updating throughout the course, that is your full personal Pinterest boards. You will also describe your learning journey throughout this course.

To accomplish this task:

1st Share in the forum the URL of your  ePortfolio, that is, your Pinterest profile: your work board and your tools and resources board (it will be something like https://www.pinterest.com/yourUser)

2nd Please comment on the following aspects:

  • the task you enjoyed the most out of the entire course and why you enjoyed it,
  • your favorite tool/app you learnt about, why you believe this a great learning tool, and specific ways you can teach with it,
  • one key idea you took away from each of the 5 module topics (you will have 5 ideas total) that changed your perspective (Digital Literacy/Citizenship/Safety, Sharing Stories Through Comics, Video Storytelling, Collaborative Storytelling, and Storytelling with Mobile Devices),

3rd When your reflection is completed, please submit it by following instructions:

  • Click the button below labeled Add a new discussion topic.
  • In the Subject, include your first and last name's ePortfolio Reflection: For example, if Jane Doe created her portfolio, she would write in the Subject line Jane Doe's Portfolio.
  • In the Message,
    • Include a link to your ePortfolio.
    • Write your reflection.
    • Click Post to Forum so that your story is recorded. Check to see that your submission is posted to the forum.

4th Check out your fellow partipants portfolios and comments.

Here you can see an example of this reflection made for a student of this course:

Example of reflection and portfolio

Your instructor will verify that you have posted the link and the required reflection. 


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