2.1. Create an avatar

Avatar One way to keep learners safe online is to have them create avatars, or digital representations of themselves. Avatars help keep students' identities safe.

In this forum, you will create an avatar and introduce the avatar to the group.

Follow these instructions:

1st Choose one of the suggested webtools to create your digital self.

Click on this link, Avatars, to be lead to that tool. Scroll down to see written descriptions of some of the tools. This resource is continuously updated.

  • DoppelMe (click on each feature you want to add to your avatar ~ A few features are only accessible if you create a DoppelMe account and are logged in. However you can still create cool avatars (and save them) without an account.
  • Build Your Wild Self (create fairly conservative avatars or you can go totally wild by adding different animal parts to various areas of your avatar’s body).
  • MiniMizer ~creates a lego avatar.
  • Voki - 3D Avatar creator.
  • Database of several avatar creators categorized

2nd When your avatar is ready, introduce it to the group by starting a new discussion. Please submit your avatar by following these instructions:

  • Click the button below labelled Add a new discussion topic.
  • In the Subject, include your avatar’s name, age, gender, occupation, interests and talents. 
  • In the Message, include:
    • what you liked about the tool and briefly describe the tool's features.
    • Include a link to your avatar.
    • Click Post to Forum so that your contribution is recorded. Check to see that your submission is posted to the forum.

3rd Use the course hashtag, #storytelling_INTEF, to spread your avatar at Twitter if you like.

4th Have a look at your peers’ avatars and assess them using the corresponding rubric. Choose 2 of their avatars, click on Reply, and post your assessment to forum.

The instructor will verify that you have submitted your own avatar and assessed 2 of your peers’ contributions.


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