Mobile Storytelling with No Internet Connection

MobileMobile devices have many features that work without Internet access. These features include the camera tool which allows students to take pictures and in many cases edit the pictures. Students can also record videos and audio.

For this task, create a story with your mobile device using one of the features that does not require an Internet connection. You can choose the topic of your story. If you use the audio or video features, the story should be 2 to 3 minutes in length. 

To accomplish this task:

1st. Decide what feature(s) you will use to create your story- audio, video, photo capturing, or written text. You can use any apps that are already on your device that work without an Internet connection.

2nd. Publish your story online if it is an audio or video file, because you will have to embed the story.

3rd. When your story is completed, please submit your story by following these instructions:

  • click the button below labeled Add a new discussion topic.
  • In the Subject, include your first and last name's Story: Title of the Story. For example, Jane Doe would write in the Subject line Jane Doe's Story: The Terrible Tarantula 
  • In the Message, include
    • how creating your story on the mobile device differed from creating a story with an app
    • include a link to your digital story.
    • If you have a video or audio file, you will have to embed your story. Embed the story by copying/pasting the embed code, which you get from the web tool. Then click on HTML and paste that code. Make sure to click Update to make sure the story embeds.
    • Click Post to Forum so that your story is saved. Check to see that your submission is posted to the forum.

4th. Do not forget to tweet your story. Start with #storytelling_INTEF.

This task is voluntary but will help you explore the topic more and give you the opportunity to receive extra feedback from your instructor and peers.


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