Digital Story: Cyberbullying

Teachers can use story creation tools to tackle tough issues, such as cyberbullying. When our students communicate and share digital content online, they are open to comments and criticisms from others. Sometimes, groups of peers may verbally attack a student online or remix their work or images in cruel ways. Adults also are prone to cyberbullying and trolls. We need to make our students at every age aware of the impact of their actions online. For this task, you will create a digital story that will make your learners think about the impact of cyberbullying. Below is a powerful example of a video where a girl shares her story about being bullied.

To create your cyberbullying digital story:

1st Choose any of the digital storytelling tools in the Sandbox to create your story. Make sure that your story appeals to your student age group.

2nd Research any of these websites to find out more about cyberbullying and how to prevent it in your classes:

3rd When your digital story is completed, please submit your story by following these instructions:

  • Click the button below labeled Add a new discussion topic.
  • In the Subject, include your first and last name's cyberbullying digital story. For example, Jane Doe would write in the Subject line Jane Doe's Cyberbullying Digital Story 
  • In the Message
    • include a link to your digital story.
    • If you create a comic, please include the image of your comic. You may have to take a screenshot.
    • If you have a video, slideshow, book, or other multimedia, you will have to embed your story. Embed the story by copying/pasting the embed code, which you get from the web tool. Then click on HTML and paste that code. Make sure to click Update to make sure the story embeds.
    • Click Post to Forum so that your story is recorded. Check to see that your submission is posted to the forum.

This is a voluntary task but will help you explore the topic more and give you the opportunity to receive extra feedback from your instructor and peers.


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