Digital Storytelling Glossary

The digital storytelling glossary is a collection of examples of various types of stories. We will work as a class to post great examples of different genres of stories- comics, stopmotion films, animations, claymation, storybooks, slideshows, posters, etc.  

By collecting these examples, we will be able to have a database of examples we can use in our schools.

Help us curate this glossary, by adding your stories or discoveries. 

Follow these instructions:

1st. Click on the Add a new entry button at the bottom. 

2nd. Fill out the following information:

  • In the Concept line include the Title of your story and the type of story you are creating- Movie, Comic, Storybook
  • In the Definition box describe the tool used to create your story, add the url to the story and tool, and provide a screenshot or embed the story. You can attach the image and it will appear in the glossary.
  • Choose the Category
  • Add keywords such as the tool name, if it is a writing prompt, student example, or anything else you think would be important.

An image is shown below:


This task is voluntary and will only be assessed by your online instructor at the end of the course. However, this type of tasks help you explore the topic more and give you the opportunity to receive extra feedback from your instructor and peers.

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