Digital Storytelling Glossary

The digital storytelling glossary is a collection of examples of various types of stories. We will work as a class to post great examples of different genres of stories- comics, stopmotion films, animations, claymation, storybooks, slideshows, posters, etc.  

By collecting these examples, we will be able to have a database of examples we can use in our schools.

Help us curate this glossary, by adding your stories or discoveries. 

Follow these instructions:

1st. Click on the Add a new entry button at the bottom. 

2nd. Fill out the following information:

  • In the Concept line include the Title of your story and the type of story you are creating- Movie, Comic, Storybook
  • In the Definition box describe the tool used to create your story, add the url to the story and tool, and provide a screenshot or embed the story. You can attach the image and it will appear in the glossary.
  • Choose the Category
  • Add keywords such as the tool name, if it is a writing prompt, student example, or anything else you think would be important.

An image is shown below:

3rd. Do not forget to tweet your glossary entries. Use the course hashtag, #storytelling_INTEF.

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