The Pin It Button

The Pin It Button is the tool that allows us to pin ontto our boards while surfing the web, without downloading any additional software.


  • We must visit the Pinterest Goodies section so as to drag the Pin It button to our browser. Depending on your browser, you will find different options. The images below show the button for Chrome. IE and Mozilla. Just click on Pin it and drag it to your toolbar browser if you are not working with Chrome. If using Chrome, then install the extension and add it to your browswer.

 Pin It Button

botón Pin it

  • We are ready to pin now, while we are surfing the web. When finding an interesting article that we would like to share on Pinterest, we will just have to click on the Pin It button and Pinterest will show as the most adequate images to pin, as well as the pin description, which can be changed if we click on the pencil icon.

Pin it 

  • If we Pin It, then we can decide which board to pin our choice, describe the pin and continue sharing on other social networks, if we have connected any.

Create a pin

Happy Pinning!