What is Pinterest like?

Pinterest main page shows a button on the top left hand side that allows us to search for pins, which we can filter depending on the topic of our interest. 


Topic selector and browserOn the right hand side, we will find the general menu where there are three options.

  1. Uploading images and creating boards.
  2. Personal various options such as your boards, settings, pins, your likes, and so on.
  3. Notifications.

menu general pinterest


 Below, one can see the pins by users we are following, including the author and description.

 escritorio Pinterest

1. Published Image or Pin.

2. Author's image description.

3. Pin's authorship.

When we enter a board, we see that it has several parts.

 Board parts


If interested in any image from the board, we just have to click on it and this is what we will find:


You may start following the course boards:

Digital Literacy/Citizenship/Safety

Sharing stories through comics

Video storytelling

Collaborative storytelling

Storytelling with mobile devices

Or any other boards