Digital Citizenship

As previously mentioned, digital storytelling often involves remixing content created by others. Part of digital citizenship is the responsible use of online images. We want students to learn to respect copyright, and to identify where they found images. Creative Commons licensing has become a simple way for people to define how their images (and other works) can be used.   The author of the content can use the free licensing tool from the Creative Commons Organization to choose the best license. An image and text is generated for the author to post along with their content. The Creative Commons License for this book is shown below.

The Creative Commons Organization has created this comic to explain copyright to students. Generally, permission to use images ranges from pictures that are in the public domain (anyone can use them) to images that are copyright and require permission to use. Creative Commons licenses grant permission in advance. All Creative Commons licenses require attribution, meaning you have to credit the author.

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License 4.0