Figure 1.4 This image has been adapted from a similar image in the Digital Literacies book. Citation- Dudeney, G., N. Hockly, & M. Pegrum. (2013). Digital Literacies. Harlow: Pearson.

In the image, some of the key words associated with the area of information are search and tagging. Many of our learners will use Google to find answers to a question or digital content for their projects. Many will stop the search there and accept that information. We need to help our learners evaluate the quality of the information they receive.

Our learners also need to develop skills in curating, bookmarking, aggregating, and categorizing resources and content they discover online. We can introduce them to free bookmarking web tools like Diigo, Symbaloo, Pearl Trees, and Delicious. These tools have various features to help learners find the resource at a later date when they need it. One way these tools organize information is through tagging. Our learners can use tags to classify information as well as categorize it. In this course, we will curate and bookmark information with Livebinders.

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