Internet Safety

Keeping young learners safe online is a big responsibility for teachers. We have to make our students aware of the dangers that exist in the digital world. The following multimedia resources were created to help learners reflect on how their actions online could lead to dangerous consequences.


The following are online safety games for learners-

  • Webonauts Academy- As new recruits to the Webonauts Internet Academy‚ on a satellite space station‚ players are sent on a training mission on planet Bambu. While there‚ they encounter a mysterious enemy‚ The Great Static‚ who is set on stealing the Bamdudes’ cookie recipe (they are the best cookie makers in the Universe). During the course of the game‚ players receive on-the-job training and help the Bamdudes and save their cookie recipe!
  • Netsmartz Kids- Various adventure games to teach Internet safety
  • Safety Land- As Captain Broadband you must rid the town of a villain who is spamming people with messages. Seek out the villain, answer quiz questions, and earn points.

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