Figure 1.5 This image has been adapted from a similar image in the Digital Literacies book. Citation- Dudeney, G., N. Hockly, & M. Pegrum. (2013). Digital Literacies. Harlow: Pearson.

Remixing is a well practiced custom in the digital world. Remixing is taking someone else’s creation and making it into something new. Remixing developed as a result of millions creating content and publishing it online. Music, images, video snippets, comics, game codes, programs, etc. are part of the public domain and are available to remix. Not all online content is allowed to be used. We cover Creative Common licensing in another chapter. Digital storytelling tools and projects are often remixes of content from different people. Animoto, a free video creation tool we will experiment with offers a library of content created by others. The user can create an amazing video that integrates music and images.

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