Video Storytelling


Image adapted from 4FREEPHOTOS. Image license: CC BY

Telling stories through video is highly motivating for learners. Additionally, it gets learners to craft their stories while moving and interacting with their world. When students put their eyes behind a camera they begin to see their world in a new way. Teachers can help learners develop their critical eye and observation skills through video projects. Teachers can help their learners to view the world in different ways by having them play with filtering, perspective, and special effects. Teachers can guide learners to think about an audience when creating their video stories. What the students create will impact how their audience experiences the story.

Crafting stories through video engages learners by engaging them with realia. Additionally, video storytelling boosts listening, speaking and writing skills. In this module we will explore ways to create videos with web tools and apps. We will also explore various types of video storytelling projects. We will see how to create videos without needing an internet connection. We will also learn how to edit videos.