Video Storytelling Projects

Learners also have plenty of choices on how to craft their video stories. The following are a few of the video storytelling projects teachers are integrating and links to more resources for exploration:

Claymation - telling stories with clay figures

Stop motion - a series of frames are strung together to make it appear inanimate objects are moving on their own

Animation- integrating cartoons or animated characters

Machinima - movies with avatars in virtual worlds

Slideshow - includes images, transitions, backdrops, and music

Movie Clip - a short video that shows a scene, or a piece of a larger movie

Music Video - type of video which tells the story of the events in a song

News Report - sharing stories of news events

Videocast/ Vodcast- a person comes on screen and shares information about themselves usually like a diary entry.

Documentary - a film exploring the events, impact, and facts surrounding a theme, subject, or event.

  • Docudramas - Students place themselves in a distant time or take on the role and view of a person with different life experiences than their own (Kolk, 2012)

Silent films - stories where the dialogue is captioned on the film but no voice is used