Video Storytelling with Web Tools

If students have access to computers with internet access, then consider creating movies with free web tools. Some of the free web tools my students have enjoyed using, include GoAnimate, DomoNation, PowToon, MuvizuDvolver, Primary Access, Animoto, Creaza, and Wideo. Teachers like using web tools for video storytelling projects because these tools have many benefits. These free web tools have many features that help students create videos quickly. Some of the web tools come with a database of lesson plans or activities. Additionally, many of the web tools walk students through the digital storytelling process while they create the video. The interface of many video creation web tools usually consists of a storyboard. Students fill their storyboard with characters, transitions, dialogue, scenes, music, and other elements included in the web tool's library. Students save time, because they do not have to worry about searching for content or creating content. These resources do not need to be attributed either, since they are offered by the web tool. When students finish creating their projects, they can get an embed code to post their stories in their blogs or within a class website. Another benefit of web tools, is they host the videos. Find many video creation tools in my Symbaloo of video tools and apps.