One of the main objectives of this course is to encourage teachers to create various digital storytelling experiences for their learners. In this way, we continually challenge learners and help them explore what they are learning in various ways. We also get them to look at the content in different perspectives, using different viewpoints. Once learners are comfortable with the digital storytelling process, we can organize a collaborative digital storytelling project. The collaborative story can take form in different ways. Students can work in pairs, groups, with the entire class, or with students in other locations to create stories.

Throughout the collaborative process, students will learn to problem-solve, brainstorm, create, and negotiate with others. Learning with others also helps engage students and benefits them cognitively (Vezzuto, 2005). When students collaborate successfully and emulate effective teamwork, they accomplish and often surpass learning goals. In this module, we will learn tips, tools, and lesson ideas to promote effective, meaningful collaboration.

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