Creating Support Materials for Mobile Lesson Activities

Teachers work with students who have various learning needs. Throughout my career I have taught many subjects but I currently work with language learners. Some of my students struggle with more than learning the language. I have had students who are dyslexic or diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and aspergers. Working with mobile devices helps them express themselves and learn the content. Mobile devices provide our learners with various options to view, digest, contextualize, and transform knowledge. Learners can use their fingers, voices, and hands. Students can move around with the device and capture content, then remix that content in a way that shows how they understand the knowledge.

Our struggling students, however, may need extra support materials and guidance in order to understand instructions. One way to help learners understand activity instructions is to create simple I Can cards. I Can cards were developed by Kristen Wideen, a teacher in Canada. I Can cards provide learners with simple step by step instructions that are supported with visuals and also come with a word bank. An example is shown below. Feel free to use the following template to create an I Can card.


Screenshot of Kristen Wideen’s I Can card