Digital Storytelling Apps as Web Tools

Some multimedia apps have a web version. Teachers register for accounts and can create on a mobile device or on the web. When work is saved the creation shows up on the other platform. Teachers who are nervous about working with apps might want to begin projects using these apps. The teacher can use the web based tool to manage student productions while the students produce digital stories with their mobile devices. The advantage of creating with the mobile device is that students can create their stories more quickly than using the browser tool. The student opens the app, takes pictures or videos, selects from a library of options, organizes the story, then clicks submit. When the student is connected to the Internet, the student can sync the story so that it appears on the web.

One example of this kind of app is Animoto which has a free app for Android and IOS devices as well as a free web tool. Upload up to 10 images, choose a soundtrack from the library (many creative commons tunes to choose from), choose themed backgrounds with transitions, add text or short video clips, and click a button to make a 30-second video that can be embedded in a blog or website. Below is a screenshot of a story created on my account with a student’s drawings. We used pictures he created with the free Drawing Torch app then uploaded those images to the Animoto. This student has Asperger's. Creating a story with these tools helped give him confidence and the ability to express himself. View the video here.


Screenshot of Tad the Cat video created by a student with Asperger's