Digital Storytelling Apps that Create Experiences

Some apps immerse students in a story and allow them to experience and alter elements of the story. These apps begin with a background story then invite students to interact with the elements of the story, like play a game, move animated objects, or contribute to the story with an image or drawing. One example of this kind of app is Drawing Torch Night Zookeeper. This free iPad app and web based tool tells the adventure of a night zookeeper. Student become Night Zookeeper trainees and participates in creative drawing missions to look after thousands of magical animals and defeat the monsters that attack the zoo. Features include nine drawing tools such as fill, color mixing and multiple brush sizes, email share, and 22 unique missions. The story is narrated with text, animated scenes, and audio. On the web version, teachers can find free lesson plans for short term activities and long-term projects.  


Screenshot of the Night Zookeeper Drawing Torch app