Digital Storytelling Apps That Work Offline

Many of these apps once downloaded will work without an Internet connection. One example is  the SockPuppets IOS app which lets students create a short movie featuring sockpuppets. The app includes a library of scenes, props (some are animated), and a few sockpuppet characters. Once students make their choices, they are able to move the sockpuppets and narrate them. More than one sockpuppet can be in the production. Below is a screenshot of a story two students created with this app. View the video here.

Screenshot of The Apple Sockpuppet video

The StoryKit app allows learners to create a multimedia storybook. Students can choose to edit, rewrite, and rearrange classic books such as The Three Little Pigs or create their own books. They can draw within the app, uploading images, record their voice, and add text. Below is a screenshot of a story created with this app. View the story here.

Screenshot of Gabi’s Favorite Things created with the StoryKit app