The tools we use to capture the content for digital stories influence the production of these stories. Web tools offer our learners quick ways to create digital stories with access to libraries of audio, visual, and multimedia content that is copyright friendly. However, our learners need to learn to create and collect content for digital stories. When students produce digital stories with their mobile devices they are able to collect content quickly by capturing images, recording audio, and creating videos. Many mobile apps also allow students to add filters, special effects, transitions, and more to help them create high quality productions. Some apps come with libraries of copyright friendly backgrounds, characters, sets, music, and more.

Digital storytelling projects are enriched with mobile devices, when learners are:

  • given freedom and time to create and edit content

  • allowed time to brainstorm

  • directed to plan out their stories through storyboarding

  • integrating artifacts, realia, objects, and experiences that surround their daily lives (real world learning)

  • moving around with the device

  • motivated to expand the learning outside the classroom walls

  • encouraged to work collaboratively to explore the world around them

In this module, we will explore various ways to support learners in creating digital stories with mobile devices.