Digital Storytelling for Teachers (INTEF_2016_septiembre)

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Francisco Usero González

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Digital Storytelling for Teachers (INTEF_2016_septiembre)
Participant in #storytelling_INTEF taught in English. The owner of this digital badge has achieved the following objectives: - To create digital stories through different online tools. - Choose the best way to integrate digital storytelling in general teaching or specific subject. - Build support materials to the creation and publication of digital storytelling for students. - Know and choose the appropriate multimedia materials to be reused digital storytelling under the right licenses. - Evaluate several publishing formats of digital stories (comics, videos, interactive formats). - Motivate the students to improve their oral communication, written and reading comprehension through digital storytelling. - Compile a library of websites, and free and open tools for use in their own classes’ resources. - Connect via digital stories with other classrooms and other teachers in the world. And the owner of this digital badge has accredited the following professional teaching skills: teamwork, collaboration and networking, and in particular, programming, organization, management and teaching coordination. Also is qualified in Evaluating Information (1.2.), Collaborating through digital channels (2.4.), Copyright and licenses (3.3.), Protecting personal data (4.2.) and Innovating and creatively using technology (5.3.).
Digital Storytelling For Teachers
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  • Users must complete the course"Digital Storytelling For Teachers" by 16 November 2016

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Monday, 5 December 2016, 1:23 PM
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  • Users must complete the course"Digital Storytelling For Teachers" by 16 November 2016